German Cancer Society


German Cancer Society

  • Selection of the testimonial Benedikt Höwedes as representative of a young footballer generation and role model for young people
  • Creation of various campaign materials (eg supplement magazines, which have been enclosed with leading German daily newspapers)
  • Creation of a Supplementary Magazine (SPOT), which appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung



  • Announcement of the German Cancer Aid and related activities in the public
  • Various image and specialist campaigns: z. B. “With all your might against cancer”, “With all your might against smoking”, “Girls check that” (early detection of cervix cancer and HPV vaccine), “40 years German Cancer Aid” (current)
  • Raising awareness among young people (eg “With all force against smoking”, but also “Movement against cancer”) on cancer prevention
  • donations generation


Project Details

Client: German Cancer Society

Duration: since 2003





  • Gaining high-profile testimonials generated a lot of press coverage and also ensured a strong dissemination of the social media campaign
  • Significant increase in donations
  • Information offers were increasingly used

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