Complex health, medical or bureaucratic issues reduced to the essentials and presented in a way that everyone can understand: mc Corporate Publishing composes and illustrates the „Mittwochswissen“ section for the Facebook page of the Federal Ministry of Health.

What is prevention care? How do I protect myself from respiratory diseases? What are the dangers of drinking alcohol? How do I prevent health-threatening stress? Every week, the „Mittwochswissen“ provides readers with facts, explanations or advice on a wide range of medical issues and delivers valuable information on health risks such as addictions, vaccination refusal and preventable diseases.

In addition, there are background information on laws from health policy areas such as nursing care or health insurance. Thus, „Mittwochswissen“ also contributes to the political education of its readers.

In just a few key points and an appropriate illustration, the respective topic is brought compactly and optimized to the fast-moving social media world to the reader. The „Mittwochswissen“ on the Facebook page of the Federal Ministry of Health reaches tens of thousands of Internet users every week.